As an instructor of media and culture, I seek to engage my students in critical research that spans media formats and disciplinary distinctions while meaningfully connecting students to their research subjects and to the real-world implications of knowledge production. I strive to mix theory and practice with the profound responsibility of ethical scholarship that contemporary citizenship demands.

I am currently a lecturer in the Rutgers Filmmaking Center at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, where I teach an elective film-production course titled Sensory Ethnography. I am very excited to be developing a new course focused on Community Engaged Filmmaking to (hopefully) run in Spring 2024. For the AY 2023/24, I will continue my teaching work for Rutgers Arts Online as well with a course I developed titled The Art of Documentary Filmmaking. I also teach in the School of Media Studies at The New School in New York City. My upcoming courses will include Cinema Studies and Art of Film.

Click to view my teaching resume with more about my teaching experience. Or check out my full teaching statement and my diversity statement. For samples of the awesome work made by my students, visit my new student works page. See below for sample syllabi of courses I’ve taught.

Advanced Directing 2 (Rutgers, 2022) + undergraduate junior core production course focused on crafting short documentary or experimental non-fiction films

History of Film 2 (Brooklyn College, 2021) + undergraduate course examining the history of world cinema from 1941 to present + syllabus for my version is here

The Art of Documentary Filmmaking (Rutgers Arts Online, 2020-present) + undergraduate production course where students craft documentary films + check out the first-run syllabus here

Sensory Ethnography (Rutgers, 2020-present) + undergraduate production course where students craft sensory ethnographic films + check out the syllabus for my version here

Art of Film (The New School, 2016-present) + undergraduate course where students learn formal film analysis + check out the most recent syllabus for my version here

Movements in World Cinema 1 and 2 (The New School, 2018-19) + undergraduate course examining the history of world cinema from 1890 to present + syllabi for my versions are here

Sound Ethnographies (UnionDocs, 2016-18) + public three-day intensive workshop I created and led for UnionDocs on the methods and theories of sound ethnography + check out the first iteration website here

Documentary Filmmaking Collaborative Studio (UnionDocs, 2016-17) + collaboration 10-month documentary filmmaking program I co-directed at UnionDocs + read about the program here

Media Ethics (The New School, 2016) + undergraduate course on media ethics that I created and taught for The New School + here is the first-run syllabus

Preserving Aural Heritage in Deadwood (Deadwood History, Inc., 2014) + two-day intensive workshop I created and taught for museum and city staff on methods for critically preserving sound and aural heritage + read about the workshop here

Media and Cultural Analysis (New York University, 2013) + undergraduate course teaching critical analysis methods for media + here is a sample syllabus for the iteration I taught

Principles of the Moving Image (York College-The City University of New York, 2006-08) + an introduction to film form class I created for undergraduates at York College + here is the course blog

Teaching with Multimedia Technology (York College-The City University of New York, 2006-08) + a class teaching future public school educators how to meaningfully use technology in the classroom + here is the blog for my version

Mass Communication and Society (College of New Rochelle-DC37 Campus, 2005-08) + an introductory course examining the role of media in modern society that I created and taught at College of New Rochelle + here is the blog

Me leading a soundwalk in downtown Deadwood as part of a workshop on sound and aural heritage preservation for Deadwood History, Inc. in 2014. Photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson.