As an instructor of media and culture, I seek to engage my students in critical research that spans media formats and disciplinary distinctions while meaningfully connecting students to their research subjects and to the real-world implications of knowledge production. I strive to mix theory and practice with the profound responsibility of ethical scholarship that contemporary citizenship demands.

I am currently a lecturer in The School of Media Studies at The New School in New York City, where I teach film classes. My current and recent courses include Art of Film and Movements in World Cinema. In 2020, I am excited to have the opportunity to teach Sensory Ethnography in the filmmaking program at Rutgers University.

Art of Film (The New School, 2016-present) + undergraduate course where students learn formal film analysis + check out the most recent syllabus for my version here

Movements in World Cinema 1 and 2 (The New School, 2018-19) + undergraduate course examining the history of world cinema from 1890 to present + syllabi for my versions are here

Sound Ethnographies (UnionDocs, 2016-18) + public three-day intensive workshop I created and led for UnionDocs on the methods and theories of sound ethnography + check out the first iteration website here

Documentary Filmmaking Collaborative Studio (UnionDocs, 2016-17) + collaboration 10-month documentary filmmaking program I co-directed at UnionDocs + read about the program here

Media Ethics (The New School, 2016) + undergraduate course on media ethics that I created and taught for The New School + here is the first-run syllabus

Preserving Aural Heritage in Deadwood (Deadwood History, Inc., 2014) + two-day intensive workshop I created and taught for museum and city staff on methods for critically preserving sound and aural heritage + read about the workshop here

Media and Cultural Analysis (New York University, 2013) + undergraduate course teaching critical analysis methods for media + here is a sample syllabus for the iteration I taught

Principles of the Moving Image (York College-The City University of New York, 2006-08) + an introduction to film form class I created for undergraduates at York College + here is the course blog

Teaching with Multimedia Technology (York College-The City University of New York, 2006-08) + a class teaching future public school educators how to meaningfully use technology in the classroom + here is the blog for my version

Mass Communication and Society (College of New Rochelle-DC37 Campus, 2005-08) + an introductory course examining the role of media in modern society that I created and taught at College of New Rochelle + here is the blog

Click to view my teaching resume with more about my teaching experience. Or check out my full teaching statement.

Me leading a soundwalk in downtown Deadwood as part of a workshop on sound and aural heritage preservation for Deadwood History, Inc. in 2014. Photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson.