My approach to art making seeks to develop small-gauge stories about the world around me while simultaneously altering my engagement with myself and others. I often use asynchronous sound and image techniques to critically interrogate relationships with and perceptions of place, identity, and heritage. I am particularly interested in modes of art making that examine how we inherit and pass along sensory assumptions, perceptions, and experiences.

Sounding Western: Aural Sovereignty in a Sacred Land (20m, video, New York/South Dakota 2019/20) + a film about Lakota negotiations of tourist culture in South Dakota + visit the film website here

Sweet Clover, a homecoming (17m, super-8m film, New York/South Dakota 2010) + a deeply personal auto-ethnographic essay film completed in NYU’s Culture & Media Program + watch the full film here

Soundscapes of the Black Hills (sound maps, New York/South Dakota 2009) + a sound ethnography of Black Hills tourism + visit the website here

Immokalee, My Home (18min, super-8 film, New York/Florida 2009) + a documentary on migrant farm workers in Florida completed with my partner, Kevin T. Allen + watch the full film here

Desamparados (11m, super-8 film, New York/Peru/Bolivia/Argentina 2007) + a short made with Kevin T. Allen documenting the colonial relics of South America + watch the full film here

|rays| (20min, video, New York 2007) + a collaboration with students at the College of New Rochelle documenting experiences of racism across NYC

Maps of Ordinary Things (sound/photo installation, New York/Massachussets 2007) + a commissioned installation for Porches Inn at Mass MOCA

Sounds of the Amazon (4m, super-8m film/sound, New York/Peru 2006) + a short documentary with field recordings from the Peruvian Amazon

How To Make 80 Grande a Year (15m, video, Oregon 2003) + a collaborative documentary about garage-sale culture completed at the Northwest Film Center

24 Hour Life (20m, video, New Mexico 2001) + a fiction film about teens with HIV and a collaboration with Youth Development Inc., a gang-intervention program in Albuquerque

Click for more small-gauge work samples with my partner Kevin T. Allen.

Me on location at the Open Cut in Lead, South Dakota, in 2018. Photo by Paola Contardo.